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The Our Baby Was Snatched website is spreading awareness worldwide of our newborn baby: Santiago’s kidnap.

:Santiago was kidnapped by UK Social Services without any pieces of evidence.

Watch the videos below to get to know our story!

The Horrific Truth About Baby Trafficking in UK video – It has happened to us!

Portuguese version – Resumo da nossa historia – A Verdade Terrível sobre tráfico de crianças no UK video – Aconteceu-nos! resumo da nossa historia!

Recording of police & social Services kidnapping Santiago 06.02.2016

On the 6th February the Police and Social Services – Paula Thomas & Colin McPherson- arrived at our friend’s house where: Iolanda, I and our baby: Santiago were. We went there for support and to arrange a Private Midwife to check our baby over. The first thing the Social worker Paula Thomas said, was we needed to sign a contract of expectations – we did not sign. The social worker used the Police force to coerce us into taking our baby to the hospital – no paperwork was given. Social worker Paula Thomas when questioning her colleagues asked why the baby had to go to the hospital because even she said: “this baby is well, I can see it myself”!

Recording of Dr Alok Sharma in Princess Anne Hospital 06.02.2016

On 6th Feb 2016, in the Foundling Hospital – Princess Anne Hospital, Southampton UK – Dr Alok Sharma claimed that: Santiago was very unwell with jaundice and in need of urgent treatment. Dr Sharma stated to our Private Midiwfie that he was under Orders of the Social Services. In our Private Midwife Kathryn Weymouth’s testimony, Kathryn has stated: “baby Santiago was well.”

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With Love, Mum and Dad,

: Iolanda and: Leon.

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