We are very grateful for all your donations. We have been able to pay for court expenses and our living expenses with your donations. Our lives have been turned upside down due to the Judiciary procedures. Help us to get our baby back. All we do is with the aim to rescue our baby Santiago.

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Our lives have been turned upside down due to the Judiciary procedures. Iolanda has not been able to work in her profession and her career has been interrupted. To pay for living costs and to spread awareness of our baby’s kidnap Iolanda developed a sewing brand ‘I Love Santiago’.

Please consider supporting us to get our baby back. Support the brand I Love Santiago, purchasing the items handmade by Iolanda or by sending a donation. All we do is with the aim to rescue our baby Santiago.

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Whilst pregnant Iolanda started experimenting with sewing and made several blankets for Santiago.

Now, back in Portugal Iolanda has not been able to work (difficult to access job opportunities). Iolanda has not rendered to the difficulties of life and has developed a sewing brand. She has started with different creative techniques. The method Iolanda uses to make her work – freehand machine embroidery – is essentially like drawing with a sewing machine. She does not use an electronic embroidery machine. Building up layers of material to create colour and texture, resulting in beautiful textile collages. Iolanda works predominantly with cotton and linen, working on sketches, which are then transferred to the fabric. The Vintage Shabby chic style is an influence but Santiago is her big influence in her work. Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your suggestions!

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