Alô Portugal brand on tv

Alô Portugal – 10 million viewers!

The I Love Santiago brand was promoted on the television for up to 10 million people around the world. Leonardo and myself were interviewed on Alô Portugal Sic International Tv channel, on the 15th February 2018, by Jose Figueiras.

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  1. so,wrong how Leon and lolanda have been put thr such wickedness they r two honest caring and lovely and loving parents that have sadly been robbed of there child the lies the nitemere they have been put thr is beyond any words I hope justice hurrys up,and beautiful bby Santiago is returned,home with his. Mummy and daddy where he belongs they should bn a family of three all under same roof they have already lost too much time together as it is someone must b able to see hw wrong these parents have been treated I pray for them to,keep here strength up,I,think,the r both so,amazing they r a tower of strength the tallest tower of strength I know and I pray for there bby boy that he’s safe and healthy I pray that the day will hurry up,for,justice day when they gt to b a family like they should had been from day one fingers should b pointed at those who haven’t done there jobs correctly this isn’t the parents of there bby sons fault it’s the Southampton SS and princess Anne hospital mid wives and a lot of others people involved in this it’s them who is to blame it’s those who think they have the right to destroy people’s life because that’s just what they have done in this case it’s disgusting hw Leon and lolanda have been treated love to Leon and lolanda and beautiful bby Santiago less u all xxx

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