Has been 2 years

Has been 2 years – 4 March 2016 Has been 2 years Today the last time we saw you 2 years ago. Today we’ve been fighting for you for two years. Today we have not stopped for 2 years. I have survived this pain for two years now. It costs a lot. It costs to … Read more


DARE to CARE forced adoption poem

 Dare to Care Do you DARE to CARE? A Santiago’s supporter told me that her family asked her if she knew me personally. And the answer was no. She answered she knew me only through Facebook. So, they asked her: Why are you obsessed with problems that are not yours !? She replied to them: … Read more

Alô Portugal – 10 million viewers!

Alô Portugal brand on tv

The I Love Santiago brand was promoted on the television for up to 10 million people around the world. Leonardo and myself were interviewed on Alô Portugal Sic International Tv channel, on the 15th February 2018, by Jose Figueiras. About Alô Portugal and SIC International: Alô Portugal is a relaxed conversation program aimed at Portuguese … Read more

2 Years Today

2 Years Today pregnancy books

2 years today! I bought these pregnancy books to support me during my first pregnancy! It is 2 Years Today since the SS kidnapped my baby at 5 days old, the people did not even allow me to say goodbye to him. I love You Santiago!

English Foster Career Families

English Foster Career Families

Good Morning. English Foster Career Families Well, we’ve all heard that the gipsy families are constantly changing house. But not anymore. In this sense, do you know who is always moving house? The babies, stolen by the English SS. The stolen babies move from one “foster career business family” to another. The children are being … Read more

2nd Birthday – 1st February 2018 – Happy Birthday Santiago!

2nd Birthday 1st February 2018

Hello Santiago! Today is your second birthday. Your family, the Natural, the real one, the one that loves you, wishes you a Happy birthday. We hope you are well and of good health and happiness. We hope that the person that is taking care of you is doing a good job. I pray for you … Read more